What is a query?

When you use the AdIntel dashboard, you can see that every section has tables, charts and other visuals. Every time one of these gets refreshed or loaded that counts as a query.

How many queries will I be making?

The average number of queries made by a user in a session is around 100 but the number of queries is totally up to you and your self discipline. We have to warn you that it’s quite addictive 😉

How can I track my usage?

You can keep track of queries used in the Account tab. Note that it refreshes every hour so take it slow the first time around.

How does billing work?

When you put your credit card in you will automatically get charged for 1 query. This will of course be credited towards your account. At the end of every calendar month we will sum the number of queries and shortly after we will charge your credit card.







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